About Us

Keeping The Modular Industry Moving

About Us

We know that boilers break-down every now and then, we know that lights occasionally stop working, and we know that toilets can leak.

We understand that in the modular industry, there’s a whole host of maintenance issues and breakdowns.

We also know that when you have hundreds, even thousands of items out on hire or under warranty all around the country, it might be difficult for you to keep on top of things.

You only have so many of your own engineers that you can use, and you can’t be everywhere all at once.

It is totally understandable why this can make you feel frustrated.

We hear your problems and we exist to solve them.

We believe that every modular company should be in total control of their maintenance issues, and that your customers should have a pain-free experience in using your facilities, perhaps resulting in future recommendations, continued good relationships and new customer referrals.

We’re here to support and add strength to your maintenance service.

Our Why

At Modular Management, we truly believe in the products and assets that we service and maintain.

We share our clients' excitement and enthusiasm for modular buildings, cabins, containers, pods, welfare facilities and storage units.

We're passionate about ensuring that the customer experience in using modular facilities is an enjoyable one.

For that to happen, there must be a solid maintenance support structure to keep things running across the industry.

Therefore, we want to provide the best possible service to all clients within the industry and we must have a positive impact everywhere we go.


Area Coverage

We have engineers located in key areas across England and Wales ensuring we can respond quickly to minimise site downtime, also helping to reduce fuel emissions by having engineers in close proximity to their job locations.

From construction sites to festivals, from schools to hospitals and sports stadiums to film studios, we have it covered.


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